Villarreal Elementary School Library

Villarreal Elementary School, formerly Forest Hills Elementary, is one of the many elementary schools in Northside Independent School District. This elementary campus educates about 750 local students.  KNRG Architects designed renovations and additions for the existing library and new classrooms.  The existing library, a workroom, a storage room and two classrooms were modified to update and upgrade the library to meet the latest NISD library requirements.  New construction, including about 1,150 sq. ft., was designed for two new classrooms.  Expressing the Villarreal Elementary School motto, “Start Strong!  Stay Strong!  Finish Strong!” the upgraded and expanded library was given a colorful interlocking building blocks theme that represents education building students into successful adults.  KNRG collaborated with the district and the contractor to have the project finished in budget and within the short construction timeframe to have the new areas ready to serve the Villarreal Elementary School students and staff.