Sea World Concept: Dining with Shamu

Sea World San Antonio is the largest of the three marine mammal, oceanarium and animal themed parks in the U.S. In 2009, KNRG Architects had the exciting opportunity to design a new attraction for the San Antonio park, Dining with Shamu.  The attraction concept would combine a dining experience with the orca whales and continued education about these mammals.  From life sized statues of killer whales to an interactive fact wall to a mosaic world map indicating orca habitats, the path to the dining area is packed with information.  The dining area is along two sides of the pool area giving all guests a spectacular view of the whales’ pool.  Continuing with the ocean experience, KNRG created blue undulating, wave like, hard-roofed canopies over the dining area.  A coordinating building with a similar undulating style roof contains a buffet house for guests, a fully functioning kitchen, outside access to bathrooms and a delivery area.   The innovation of this ocean themed Sea World design indicates KNRG’s attention to detail heightening the customer encounter through this attraction.

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