Maestro Entrepreneur Center

The Maestro Entrepreneur Center (MEC) is a private, non-profit business Center for providing mentorship and training for the next generation of successful entrepreneurs. The MEC is partnered with the Maestro Leadership Foundation and the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s Hispanic Leadership Development Foundation.  The client purchased an old public school campus with the dream of revitalizing the area by offering career and job fairs for local high school and college level students and by helping small businesses grow.  KNRG Architects designed a new storage building and renovated the existing cafeteria into a large multipurpose area easily used for social functions or business training/meeting space.  The existing kitchen was modified into two areas which could be utilized together or separate:  one area to be used for serving in the multipurpose space, the other left as a functioning kitchen ready for leasing to a small catering business.   An addition of storage and a new loading dock were added near the kitchen.  The two front buildings were renovated into an office complex with office rentals and conference/meeting rooms.  A two story addition was added between the buildings to provide larger meeting areas. KNRG worked with the owner to obtain the permits needed for the project as well as remained flexible as the vision for the MEC evolved during the design and construction phases.

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