Returning Heroes Home – Freedom Park

Returning Heroes Home, the U.S. Military and donations from many patriotic San Antonio companies built the Warrior and Family Support Center (WFSC) designed to enhance the healing experience of our military Warriors who are wounded, injured or become ill during active duty. The WFSC, located on Ft. Sam Army Base, is for the Wounded Warriors and their families during times of treatment.  KNRG Architects had the distinct honor to design Freedom Park, the outdoor, physical activity facet of the healing process.  The seven-acre park includes therapeutic gardens, running/walking trails, fit trail workout stations, an amphitheater, and a sports and turf field.   All areas are accessible for wheelchairs and easily maneuverable for amputees with prosthetics.  Promoting peace and solace, the garden has opportunities to garden, to picnic, to gather with family and friends, and to enjoy the showcase of floral color and the local wildlife.  Freedom Park offers running trails in a calming park-like setting, five fit trail workout stations for upper and lower body exercises, a playground for dependents and guests, and a variety of walking textures (pavement, dirt, grass, and pebbled) that allow safe access and therapy for those learning to walk with prosthetics.  The Amphitheatre was specifically designed for easy accessibility for attending social events, ceremonies, performances and other events.  The Sports and AstroTurf field provides another opportunity to regain physical strength.  The field offers team organized and modified sports activities, structures for stair climbing and another location for family and friends to gather.  The entire facility promotes comfortable healing and provides for the recovering Warriors and their families to spend time in a relaxing/tranquil environment.  KNRG proudly donated their services for the design of this multipurpose physical healing facility.

*The Therapeutic Gardens were recognized by the American Horticulture Therapy Association.